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Why does my dog or cat need dental work?

Plaque accumulates on teeth after every meal. If not removed through brushing or dental diets, plaque mineralizes into tartar, a hard brown deposit mainly seen around the gum line and back teeth. Over time, tartar can cause gum recession, exposing tooth structures and leading to bacterial invasion and root damage, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. Symptoms of dental disease include halitosis, reluctance to chew, and inflamed or bleeding gums.


Untreated dental issues can induce discomfort in your pet. Moreover, bacteria from damaged tooth roots can enter the bloodstream, potentially affecting vital organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys, leading to serious illness. Pets receiving routine dental care may extend their lifespan by up to two years. Consistent veterinary check-ups and preventive measures play a crucial role in averting dental problems.

Start with a dental exam for your pets

We conduct a comprehensive visual inspection of your dog or cat’s oral cavity and teeth. Should we detect any signs of dental disease, we may suggest a complete cleaning, and thorough tooth evaluation. Cleaning, evaluation, and necessary extractions will be performed right here at Bruce Street Animal Hospital.

Pet Dental Treatment 

We are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and equipment to carry out dental treatments for your dog or cat, including a dedicated dental treatment room.

Tooth Extractions

Many teeth require oral surgery to safely remove each individual root. We have extensive training and experience to perform these procedures properly.

Minor Oral Surgery

We make every effort to save teeth that we feel have a chance to be successfully treated.

Teeth Exams

Pets dental cleanings are very similar to human dental cleanings, except that we are required to use anesthesia to properly and safely examine and clean the teeth.